Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Arizona is the land of great canyons, emerald waterfalls, green valleys, fantastic deserts, and massive mountains. The American state captivates not only with its fascinating nature, but also with authentic customs, traditional dishes of national cuisine, and unique museums.

Here you can see cactus forests, colored deserts, and amazing architectural sights. Its design combines the features of Spanish, Mexican, and American styles.

What cities to visit in Arizona? Where to stay and what to do? What sights to see? We will talk about this and much more in this article.

Best Cities to Visit in Arizona


Phoenix is the capital of the state of Arizona and one of its largest cities. Throughout the year a hot climate prevails here because the city is located in the Sonoran Desert, and the very center of the metropolis is the Valley of the Sun. What to do in Phoenix?

  • You can visit art galleries and museums.
  • Ride a bike, or climb mountains.
  • Enjoy the unique desert scenery at Papago Park.
  • Explore rock art.
  • Go to Enchanted Island Amusement Park.

Tourists love visiting the Lost Dutchman park, which astonishes by untouched nature, mountain ranges, and magnificent landscapes.

How to get there? By plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Where to stay? Sonder at Hance Park.

Main tourist attractions: Goldfield Ghost Town, Roosevelt Row District, Heard Museum, Camelback Mountain, Desert Botanical Garden.

Top-rated city tour: Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Phoenix.


The rocks that are in this city are considered sacred. Outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and artists come here at different times of the year. High mountains with Spiers surround the city.

You will find a number of art galleries, beautiful squares, and entertainment complexes inside Sedona. State parks, canyons, narrow forest paths, and amazing panoramic views of the surroundings await you here as well.

How to get there? By bus or car. By plane to Sedona Arizona Airport.

Where to stay? Rouge Hotel and Spa 4*.

Main tourist attractions: Broken Arrow Trail, Red Rock Scenic Byway, Devil’s Bridge Trail, Cathedral Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Top-rated city tour: Sedona Outback Trail Jeep Adventure


This beautiful city is located in northern Arizona. Go hiking on Humphreys Peak, which is 12,633 feet high. Great views are open from here. You will see magnificent pine trees here, alluring with a persistent coniferous aroma.

You can walk through the Coconino National Forest and climb the Sunset Crater volcano. Be sure to drink beer at the local brewery. You can taste delicious drinks.

How to get there? By plane to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. By car or by bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Hotel Aspen Flagstaff

Main tourist attractions: Cameron Trading Post, Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon National Park, 1. Walnut Canyon National Monument, Antelope Canyon.

Top-rated city tour: Grand Canyon South Rim Day Trip from Flagstaff.


A fascinating city, a must-visit if you plan to travel to Arizona. Nature here surprisingly harmonizes with the infrastructure and dissolves in it.

You can see here many shops and boutiques, restaurants and nightclubs. Residents, as well as students who study in local institutions, lead an active day and nightlife.

You will enjoy Tucson. Explore the city on foot or ride a bike. Conquer mountains and peaks, and organize cultural holidays in the museum.

How to get there? By plane to Tucson International Airport, by car, or by bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Grand Luxe Hotel & Resort.

Main tourist attractions: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Saguaro National Park, Catalina State Park, The Gaslight Theatre, Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway.

Top-rated city tour: Tucson Bike Tours.


Street art, beautiful natural scenery, and Victorian architecture all characterize the city of Bisbee. The houses rise on the tops of the hills. It looks like the buildings are about to fall and collapse. Old stairs lead to them.

You will see the art right in the middle of the street. Just look at these multi-colored frescoes lined with mosaic walls.

Be sure to visit the antique shop to take a look at the interesting things that are sold here. Relax in one of the local restaurants serving delicious craft food.

How to get there? By plane to Bisbee Municipal Airport. By car or by bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Jonquil Motel.

Main tourist attractions: Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum, Copper Queen Mine, Erie Street, Old Bisbee Brewing Company, Lavender Pit.

Top-rated city tour: Old Bisbee Ghost Tours.


The city of Williams is located a few dozen miles from that same Grand Canyon. Are you ready to be enchanted by the natural beauty of Arizona? This location will definitely not leave you insensible.

  • Hike in the Kaibab National Forest.
  • Climb Bill Williams Mountain.
  • Visit a deer farm.
  • Taste delicious wine served in local restaurants.

The railroad is still in function, ferrying tourists to the Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a complex of orange and red rocks. You can go up to the observation deck on foot or on a mule.

How to get there? By plane to H. A. Clark Memorial Field. By car or by bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Grand Canyon Hotel.

Main tourist attractions: Grand Canyon Railway, Grand Canyon Brewing Company, Sycamore Canyon, Kaibab Petroglyphs, Williams Depot.

Top-rated city tour: The Inner Canyon Tour from Williams.


Don’t you like winter cold? Welcome to Yuma! The city is ready to welcome tourists, meeting them with gentle sunshine and warm weather.

Several excellent golf courses are located here, so you can take advantage of the opportunity and relax. You can here:

  • to go fishing;
  • watch birds in the imperial national park;
  • walk;
  • take a boat ride on the river.

A mild climate prevails in the city. By the way, Yuma is considered the sunniest city in the state. The architecture of the city is represented by restored historical buildings.

How to get there? By plane to Yuma International Airport, by car, or by bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Hampton Inn & Suites Yuma.

Main tourist attractions: Yuma International Airport, Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town, Gateway Park, Colorado River State Historic Park, Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.

Top-rated city tour: Yuma River Tubing.


Peoria is a great place that will leave many pleasant impressions. Walk the streets of the city. Watch the local beauty from the windows of your hotel. Meet people who always welcome new guests.

You can spend time in Peoria with pleasure. Go on a guided desert tour. This activity is for true connoisseurs of adventure.

You must also make a trip through the canyons. Exotic animals are waiting for you at the zoo. Not only your children but you yourself will be delighted with the local aquarium. You will definitely be satisfied with the flight in a hot air balloon. It is wonderful.

How to get there? By plane to Peoria International Airport, by car, or by bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Hampton Inn Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria.

Main tourist attractions: Peoria Sports Complex, West Wing Mountain Preserve, Honey Hive Farms, Arizona Broadway Theatre, Cowtown Range.

Top-rated city tour: Lake Pleasant Cruises.

Lake Havasu City

The city name is directly related to its main attraction – Lake Havasu. The Colorado River flows not far from here. What to do in this city?

Learn more about the state’s history and Native American life at the History Museum. Take beautiful photos near London Bridge. Yes, you are not in the UK, but in Arizona. The fact is that in 1968 this bridge was dismantled and delivered to Arizona, and installed in the so-called London Village.

Along the coastline, you will see many lighthouses showing the way to ships. They not only perform their functions but are also beautiful architectural objects. And Lake Havasu is a great place for a night out.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend a party and taste delicious craft wine or beer. Lovers of a relaxing holiday go fishing or play golf.

How to get there? By plane to Lake Havasu City Airport, by car or bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lake Havasu.

Main tourist attractions: London Bridge, Lake Havasu, Rotary Community Park, Lake Havasu Lighthouses, and Lake Havasu Museum of History.

Top-rated city tour: Sunset Charter & Tour Co.


The city of Tempe is located near the capital of the state of Phoenix, so it is easy to get here, despite the fact that there is no own airport here. Arizona State University is located in Tempe.

The lively center is full of active life around the clock. Tempe is a city of youth and students. It is warm and comfortable here: more than 300 sunny days a year.

Things to do? You will get many options. Ride horses or go for a bike ride. Plan your trip to get to the festival. Various artistic and cultural events often take place in this city.

Many parks, stadiums, and forests are located in Tempe. You should definitely visit the huge Arizona Aquarium.

How to get there? By car or by bus from Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport.

Where to stay? Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix/Tempe.

Main tourist attractions: Tempe Town Lake, Arizona Aquarium, Arizona Mills, Hayden Butte Preserve, Mill Avenue District.

Top-rated city tour: Tempe Scavenger Hunt: Sun and Fun.


Prescott is surrounded by coniferous forests. You will notice that the air is clean here. Nature is enchanting with picturesque landscapes. You can get acquainted with the history of the Wild West by visiting local museums.

  • Watson Lake will give you aesthetic pleasure.
  • Walk along the National Recreation Trail.
  • Organize a picnic in nature.

If you’re lucky, go to a rodeo. We recommend that you definitely try local honey and drinks based on it. It’s amazingly delicious.

How to get there? By plane to Prescott Regional Airport, by car, or by bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? SpringHill Suites By Marriott Prescott.

Main tourist attractions: Downtown Historic Area, Lynx Lake Recreation Area, Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott National Forest, Peavine National Recreation Trail.

Top-rated city tour: Prescott Scavenger Hunt Walking Tour and Game.


The city is surrounded by the desert, so there is always great hot weather. Relax outdoors. Go to the desert on quad bikes. Swim in rivers and lakes.

We recommend visiting the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Skeletons of extinct animals are presented here. Go to the theatre, and spend time in the park.

How to get there? By plane to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. By car or bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch.

Main tourist attractions: Commemorative Air Force Museum, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa Arts Center, Silver Star Theater.

Top-rated city tour: Mesa Scavenger Hunt: Arizona’s Cultural Capital.


Tourists adore wine tours in Cottonwood. Indeed, local winemakers make fantastic drinks from grapes harvested in the Verde wine valley. Tasting rooms and antique shops are waiting for you in this city.

We are sure you will enjoy the jeep tour of the local natural attractions. And you can likewise appear on a kayak on the river.

How to get there? By plane to Cottonwood Airport, by car, or by bus from other cities in Arizona.

Where to stay? Pines Inn & Suites.

Main tourist attractions: Historic Old Town, Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Alcantara Vineyards and Winery, That Brewery, Clemenceau Heritage Museum.

Top-rated city tour: All-inclusive Sedona Join in Wine Tour.


What is the prettiest city in Arizona?

Arizona is pure untouched nature, where are canyons and deserts. How can we determine where is the most beautiful? Each city has its own charm and magnetism. But we advise you to pay special attention to the main city of the state of Phoenix.

What is the nicest town in Arizona?

We find the small town of Lake Havasu particularly attractive. Amazing natural landscapes will not leave anyone uninterested.

What are the top 5 cities in Arizona?

Each city on our list deserves to be at the TOP5, but let it be Sedona, Williams, Yuma, Peoria, and Mesa.

What is the most visited city in Arizona?

Of course, it’s Phoenix. This is a city with a well-developed infrastructure, capable of receiving planes from different countries. Hotels and restaurants are located here. You will find entertainment for every taste in the city.