Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Because of its rich history and high cultural diversity, Europe has a lot of variety to offer to tourists. Each corner of the continent has ‘’that something’’ that makes it a completely different experience, so naturally, there are many cities that have the potential to knock you off your feet.

Although not the largest continent, it is certainly the most visited one and because its territory goes from windy fields to sunny beaches of Italy, and it’s cities are stories on their own, a trip to Europe is absolutely something to really look forward to.

Being on the top of the vacation list during all four seasons because of its mild climate which makes it a great travel option for city breaks any time of the year, Europe will give you a lot of possibilities to explore and learn about its heritage at your own pace and in your style.

No matter if it’s the architecture, history, art, urban life or cuisine, each country has something different to offer.  Here are some of the most amazing European cities that should absolutely find their place on your travel bucket list.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Built on canals, liberal and with one-of-a-kind Dutch-style architecture, Amsterdam is a perfect mixture of modern life and, now urbanized old red and black brick buildings.

It is a city where bicycles dominate cars and besides being the only city in Europe where marihuana is fully legalized, this capital has a lot more to offer than an emphasizes sense of freedom you rarely get anywhere else when traveling.

From historic sites like Muiderslot and Ons Lieve Heer, Op Solder to pubs, rave clubs, theatres and concert venues, Amsterdam is a place where you can both enjoy fine architecture, history and still have a fun time.

It is a city of authentic dutch places, such as the Floating flower market, Heineken experience or Brouwerij ‘t IJ, the windmill brewery.

From Dam Square and across the canals to Museumplein, Amsterdam is a city you’ll never forget and simply oozes the richness of the Dutch Golden Age combined with the liveliness of the city.

2. Paris, France

The city or art, love, fashion, and good wine, Paris has been a top European destination for ages, and for a good reason. When in Franch capital, you get to taste some of the finest cheeses and chocolate on the content, while feeling luxurious even when staying at a 2-star hotel.

You can walk past the Eifel tower, the tallest and the most famous construction in the city or enjoy a fabulous view of blue Parisian roofs from Montmartre. A city of long history such it is, Paris is rich in historical sites like Palace Des Vosges, Palace of Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral, a breathtaking landmark from the 12th century.

And while Moulin Rouge and Pompidou are the gems of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Louvre Museum remains the home of some of the most famous art pieces that the mankind has ever seen. For shopping lovers, there is no better place to travel to than Paris, be it for unique budget pieces or high-end fashion.

3. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city with a class, located on the Danube, with Fiacres galloping and architecture that marks a couple of different styles, Baroque being the most predominant. Unlike the crowded European cities of a similar size, this Austrian capital is peaceful, yet fun. It is a home city of many important composers, rulers, and scientists that marked the previous centuries, like Marie Antoinette or Franz Schubert.

The most famous historical building in Austria, Schonbrunn Palace overlooks the city from its garden, giving you a magnificent view. Downtown, there are landmarks like Kunsthistorisches Museum and St.Stephen’s Cathedral, and a Nachtmarkt, which is definitely one of the best markets to explore. Some of the awesome places you will love seeing are the Hundertwasser House,  the Belvedere Palace, and Prater, the well-known amusement park.

4. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. It is an urban, busy capital with a rich nightlife and a long history. Crowded, with a lively atmosphere and a mixture of brutalist, modern and art nouveau architecture, it is one of the most unique cities in Eastern Europe.

Starting from great nightclubs to museums, Belgrade has something to offer no matter what type of traveler you are. In its very heart, you can take a long walk down the famous Knez Mihailova street, which features shops and all kinds of street artists and then goes to the Skadarlija, an old, bohemian quarter with cobblestone and Serbian cuisine restaurants.

You can find amazing clubs and cafes in Savamala, another old quarter near the Danube, explore the Kalemegdan fortress, park, and catacombs, visit the Museum of Illusions or the largest Eastern Orthodox church in the world, the Church of Saint Sava.

5. Budapest, Hungary

With Buda on one side of the riverbank and Pest on the other, this Hungarian capital is known for thermal baths, rich history, and delicious meals.

Besides nice view from you get from Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion, there are plenty of streets to explore, where plenty of architectural masterpieces date from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

It is a peaceful capital you will love exploring on foot, while still being able to have fun and enjoy the fine nightlife. The most beautiful and most recognizable construction in the city, the Hungarian Parliament Building really takes breaths away.

Simply cross the Szechenyi Chain Bridge from Pest to Buda part of the city, and enjoy time exploring the Heroes Square, Museum of Terror, or St.Stephen’s Basilica.

6. Venice, Italy

The city of romance, Venice, stands on islands of the Adriatic sea and is special for many reasons. Aside from its irreplaceable Italian Gothic architecture, plenty of stunning landmarks and historical sites, it is the only city in Europe that has no roads whatsoever.

All buildings are connected with thousands of bridges, where the only way to move through the city is by boats called gondolas. This coastal city is vibrant and is known as the city of Romeo and Juliet, and is a home of art and literature.

Some of the fine places that take the breath away are Basilica San Marco, Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute, Gallerie dell’Accademia, and Teatro la Fenice.

Venice is famous for its beautiful bridges, like Bridge of Sights and Rialto Bridge, while the vibrant Burano island, the island of fishermen’s houses is known for its unique aesthetics as seen in houses in Sicily.

7. Munich, Germany

Munich is the capital city of the German largest federal area, Bavaria, and the home town of the beer-drinking festival, Oktoberfest. It is the second-largest city and you will definitely notice it when wandering its streets.

What Munich is famous for is not only tasty beer you can try in places like Hofbrauhaus but sports and cars as well. BMW Museum and Allianz Arena are the perfect proof.

This German gem also has a rich history and some of the amazing historical and architectural masterpieces you can see are Marienplatz, the Old Town Hall, Odeonsplatz and Frauenkirche, all made in a very unique style.

What a few know is that Germany is also a very outdoorsy type of country, so in places like Hofgarten, you can relax, jog and even practice sports like recreative surfing in the pool.