8 Best Places to Visit in the USA in 2024

America truly is the land of all opportunities. From amazing food to a myriad of cultures clashing together into the big melting pot of the American Culture, there’s something for everyone here. Adventurers will find their thrill and adrenaline rush “shots”. Nature lovers will find breathtaking views and national parks worth the admiration of the entire world. Foodies will find diverse, exquisite cuisines coming together as one.

There’s nothing America cannot offer you.

What about visiting the USA in December, though?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

1. The Yellowstone

Most people associate the Yellowstone with a summer or fall destination due to its stunning foliage and all the gorgeous landscapes it can soothe the eyes with.

However, the Yellowstone can be a fabulous winter destination as well. Don’t expect this to be a cozy trip, though – the absolute truth is that you will have to buckle up for a winter adventure that will stick to your memory for a lifetime and a half.

Most roads are closed in Yellowstone throughout the winter, so expect most of your transportation to be based on… snow (like snowmobiles, for example, or cross-country skis). The views will pay it all off, though – it is quite rare that you will see an immensity of white and ice as spectacular as Yellowstone during wintertime. A real Palace of the Snow!

2. Half Moon Bay, California

If you are at the opposite end of the spectrum and if you want to run away from the cold weather, you have plenty of places in the USA where this is more than possible.

Take Half Moon Bay, California, for example. A true paradise for surfers all year round, Half Moon Bay (and more specifically, the Mavericks beach) becomes a genuine challenge during the wintertime. If you are a beginner in surfing, these waves will most likely be too much for you – but if you are advanced, you will love the thrill!

So, is this only a destination for surfers during the winter months? No, not really. Plenty of beaches are more than welcoming for other types of tourists as well – so don’t hesitate to check out this destination if you want an unforgettable winter vacation.

3. New Orleans

This city is known for its party vibes all year round – but when it comes to wintertime, it can be a real paradise for pretty much everyone who wants to energize themselves and blow off some steam.

December in New Orleans is pretty amazing; we won’t lie – even if you simply decide to stop by the French Quarter and enjoy yourselves. But if you are not fixed on the idea of December, we suggest February, as Mardi Gras is the kind of huge party that will simply leave you in awe.

It doesn’t happen so often that you will see such an explosion of color, joy, and good humor. The place where all this wonderful madness happens? Bourbon Street, of course.

4. St George, Utah

Not too cool, not very warm either, Utah is a very welcoming location all year round – but if you want to see it in a unique light, wintertime is a very good pick.

St George is just four hours outside of Salt Lake City and it boasts the kind of scenic landscapes (both when you reach the location and on your way there) that will amaze you. Apart from the nearly eerie (yet magical) views of the outskirts, the place will also provide you with a good dose of museums, galleries, and restaurants – enough to make for a pleasant vacation right home, in America.

5. Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska

Most places in the Northern Hemisphere cool down during the winter – but Alaska is on a whole new level. If you are courageous enough to withstand the upsettingly low temperatures, however, you will find that Alaska has so much to offer during wintertime that it’s impossible to resist coming back here again!

From dogsledding shows and glacier hikes to an ice museum bound to make you feel like a kid all over again, Alaska is a treasure trove for all those who love winter scenery. There’s just no way you won’t fall deeply, madly in love with everything here!

6. Magic Mountain, Vermont

Switzerland might have its amazing ski slopes – but the absolute truth is that you don’t have to book a flight to Europe to enjoy yourselves skiing.

The Magic Mountain ski slopes are actually amazing. Don’t take it from us, but from people who come back here again and again, to have fun, to practice their favorite winter sport, and then relax in one of the cozy locations the Magic Mountain has to offer. With so much energy and good vibes floating freely through the icy snow, how can you call this place anything else than magic?

7. Key West, Florida

If you are not very keen on visiting places with low temperatures and if Californian beaches are just not your thing, there are other options for traveling in December in the USA too. Take Key West, for example.

The temperatures here are warm enough during the wintertime for you to comfortably walk down the street wearing light clothing and a smile on your face. And the place itself is more than generous from a touristic point of view as well. The places to eat, the historical spots and museums, and the abundance of water sports of all kinds – they will charm you and make for a vacation you will surely LOVE from every point of view!

Whoever said you have to spend a fortune to sunbathe and snorkel at Christmas time clearly didn’t know about Key West!

8. New York City

Let’s face it: NYC is amazing all year round. But if you want to soak up the magic of an NYC Christmas, you definitely must see it in December. The lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center, the Central Park ice skating, the abundance of colors, lights, and cute windows everywhere on 5th avenue. You have to be Grinch not to fall in love with New York City at Christmas time!

If you have never been to NYC during December, it’s a must. This is where the most real of the Hollywood-movie Christmases happen – so it will definitely feel like a modern fairy-tale for you too!

America is a land of hope and beauty. A land of so much diversity from so many points of view that it is really hard not to find something to like here. It is no surprise, then, that the USA has a multitude of destinations for those who want to adventure on American soil throughout December.

Regardless of whether you want to find destinations “at home” in the US or if you want to travel across the world to spend a few days or weeks embracing the American winter spirit, you will find that America is, without a doubt, one of the single best places in the whole wide world to visit around Christmas.

If ever in doubt, remember that this is where the modern concept of Christmas was born – America is the home of winter joys themselves!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the cheapest month to travel USA?

January is the cheapest month to travel in the USA. Prices are typically 10% cheaper than June. Additionally, flying during the shoulder season (May to early June and late August through mid-October) can also be cheaper than peak season.

How many days are enough for a USA trip?

It depends on the traveler’s preferences and what they want to do. Generally, a minimum of one week is necessary to experience all the USA offers. However, if the traveler has limited time available, they can still have a great trip with a minimum of 4 days.

Where is the prettiest place to visit in the US?

Acadia National Park in Maine is the prettiest place to visit in the US. Its rugged cliffs, stunning landscapes, and crystal clear waters make it a perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiast. It also offers a variety of activities, such as hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, and much more.

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