Best Restaurants in Barcelona

10 Best Restaurants in Barcelona in 2024

Find the Best Restaurants in Barcelona to Make Your Trip Eventful

Exploring a new country is really thrilling as the more you get to know it, the bag of experience will be filled more. One of the best ways to know a country is through its food.

Yes, a country can have a special type of cuisine and lots of sub-divisions. Also, the cuisine can differ from the mainland to the coastal area. There can be a history behind a recipe. So, knowing those, while tasting different types of food can be amazing.

So, if you are traveling all the way to Barcelona, you can experience the authentic Spanish food there. But, that is not the only delicacy you can find in Barcelona. There are lots of other types of dishes that you should try when you are here.

So, make your trip to Barcelona eventful while tasting amazing recipes here. But, where can you find the most exciting dishes? Here is the list of restaurants near popular places in Barcelona where you can enjoy your food and also the places of interest nearby. Where to eat in Barcelona? Read on to know more.

Restaurants near La Sagrada Familia

#1. L’encis

This warm and welcoming restaurant is located near the famous La Sagrada Familia. This is one of the chief tourist attractions in Barcelona which gets numerous tourists every day.

If you are one of them and also want to experience great food here, visit L’encis Restaurant. Once you are here, you can experience the best Catalan cuisine and with the greatest wine in the region. Don’t forget to taste the varieties of tapas while you are here.

Places to Visit near L’encis

  • Gaudi Avenue
  • Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site
  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Passeig the Gracia

#2. La Paradeta

If you are fond of seafood, this is the place where you should head once when you are here. This restaurant started its journey since 1994 and since then, it is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona for its awesome cuisine and intricate interior.

Another amazing thing is you can taste varieties of seafood here at a reasonable price.

Places to visit near La Paradeta

  • Zoo Barcelona
  • Museu Picasso de Barcelona
  • Basilica of Santa Maria Del Mar
  • Ciutadella Park
  • Born Cultural Centre

Restaurants near Picasso Museum

#3. Can Cisa

If you are a history buff and also an art lover, you can spend some time in the Picasso Museum. Besides, when you feel hungry, you can visit this restaurant to celebrate your appetite.

The classic looking restaurant is famous for its special type of wine. To enjoy your drink, you can also order tapas with the filling of your own choice.

Places to Visit near Can Cisa

  • Casa Batllo
  • Guell Palace
  • Picasso Museum
  • Cathedral of Barcelona

#4. Bormuth

While you are visiting Barcelona, and want to have certain types of unique dish to taste, you can visit this restaurant once. Once you are here you will fall in love with the menu of this place.

You can taste the amazing patatas bravas here, while the fried dogfish is also must-have in this restaurant. You should also not miss the soft and juicy croquettes and the Russian salad here.

Places to Visit near Bormuth

  • Museu de la Xocolata
  • Basilica of Santa Maria Del Mar
  • Mirador de Colom

Restaurants in Las Ramblas Street

#5. Bar Lobo

While strolling around the best walking street in Barcelona, enjoying food can be really happening. While you are taking a walk with your partner here, visit Bar Lobo for a traditional Spanish meal.

With breakfast menus and lunch and dinner delicacies, this place can introduce you to authentic Spanish cuisine that you will remember always.

Places to Visit near Bar Lobo

  • Las Ramblas Street
  • Museum of Illusions
  • Parroquia de la Mare de Deu de Betlem
  • The Paella Club
  • Mercat de la Boqueria

#6. Pla Restaurant

Are you on a honeymoon trip to Barcelona? How about finding a cozy and romantic atmosphere with fine dining?

While this is your plan, there is nothing better than Pla Restaurant on Las Ramblas Street. If you are fond of Mediterranean dishes, this is the place you need to visit.

Places to Visit near Pla Restaurant

  • Bodega la Plama
  • Cathedral of Barcelona
  • Palau de la Musica Catalana
  • Casa Batllo

Restaurants near the Camp Nou

#7. Futballarium

If you are a football fan, and a supporter of Barcelona club, you won’t miss the FC Barcelona Museum and Camp Nou. Where to eat once you are here?

Hang out with your friends at Futballarium Café where you can enjoy your favorite drink with sportsman-inspired dishes, like onion boxing rings, composed of meatballs, sweet stuffed jalapeno peppers, and so on.

Places to Visit near Futballarium

  • FC Barcelona Museum
  • Camp Nou
  • Font Magica de Montjuic
  • Casa Mila
  • Park Guell
  • La Sagrada Familia

#8. Pizzeria Mamma Italia

Good news for pizza lovers! If you want to enjoy your favorite pizza in Barcelona, this pizza joint can serve you the best. Not only pizza, but you can also enjoy varieties of pasta and other Italian dishes over here.

Enjoying pizza can be full of fun while you enjoy your favorite football on the bigger screen and also see your favorite team, Barcelona, winning.

Places to Visit near Pizzeria Mamma Italia

  • Camp Nou
  • Casa Batllo
  • Poble Espanyol
  • Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

Restaurants near Barrio Gotico

#9. Tapeo

Do you love having tapas? Then visiting this namesake restaurant will be the right decision while you are in Barcelona. Here, you can get a wide variety of tapas, made by the efficient chefs and with top-quality ingredients.

Besides tasteful tapas, you can also enjoy numerous types of Spanish traditional dishes over here.

Places to Visit near Tapeo

  • Ethniko Barcelona
  • Picasso Museum
  • Burrito Gotico
  • Guell Palace
  • Old Town

#10. Les Quinze Nits

This restaurant is famous for its elegant and traditional outlook. Here, you can enjoy the famous Mediterranean cuisine along with the traditional Spanish dishes. Roaming around the gothic town, Burrito Gotico can be even more thrilling once you have lunch or dinner at this place.

The comfortable and old-school environment can make you feel at ease while enjoying your favorite dinner.

Places to Visit near Les Quinze Nits

  • Guell palace
  • Ethniko Barcelona

Actually, there are numerous eating joints in Barcelona. If you want a lavish restaurant for dinner with family or with someone special, you can find those easily. Also, the roadside cafes and bistros are also quite amazing to head towards.

The cuisine available in Barcelona has the Mediterranean touch while the Spanish recipes are in the heart of Barcelona. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get other cuisines to taste as there are particular restaurants for different types of eaters.

While you are on the roadside cafes, you can enjoy your food, and check out the busy road. Apart from this, there are lots of top restaurants in Barcelona which can give you an amazing experience that you won’t forget ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do celebrities eat in Barcelona?

Mont-Bar, Carrer de la Diputació, 9 Reinas, Carrer de València are the top places where celebrities eat in Barcelona.

What is the most famous food in Barcelona?

If you are in Barcelona, you must try Tapas.

What is Barcelona’s main food?

Some popular dishes in Barcelona include paella, a rice dish with seafood or meat and vegetables; calçots, a type of grilled green onion; and escudella i carn d’olla, a traditional Catalan stew made with meat, vegetables, and pasta.

What is a typical breakfast in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, it is common to start the day with a breakfast that typically includes some type of bread or pastry, such as a croissant or a piece of toast, as well as a coffee.

Does Barcelona have Michelin star restaurants?

There are a lot of Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona. Some of the famous ones are Lasarte, Àbac, Cocina Hermanos Torres, Enoteca Paco Pérez, and Disfrutar.

What is the most popular tapas in Barcelona?

La bomba is a popular tapas dish in Barcelona and can be found at many tapas bars and restaurants in the city. It is a traditional tapas dish from Barcelona, Spain. It is a small ball of mashed potatoes stuffed with ground meat, usually pork or beef, and then deep-fried until golden brown. The dish is usually served hot and garnished with aioli or a spicy tomato sauce.

What is the famous food market in Barcelona?

The famous food market in Barcelona is La Boqueria, also known as Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria. This is one of the biggest food markets in Barcelona where you can try a variety of food.

What is the drink of Barcelona?

Cava. It is a sparkling wine which is made using the traditional method of production, which involves a second fermentation in the bottle to produce the bubbles.

Can you drink in public in Barcelona?

No. It’s not legal to drink on public places in Barcelona. You can find some good restaurants where you can drink by sitting outside area of the restaurant.

What alcohol to buy in Barcelona?

Cava is the most famous alcohol in Barcelona. A few other options include Gin, Vermouth, Sherry and Pacharán.

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