7 Best Things to Do in Munich and Regensburg, Germany

Germany might not be the geographical heart of Europe – but together with France, they lie at the foundation of the modern-day European Union. They are the economic heartbeat of the Old Continent in many respects and it would be hard to ignore their power in pretty much every industry under the sun.

Beyond all that, Germany is an amazing travel destination for anyone willing to discover a part of Europe that’s so universal yet unique in its own way.

What are some of the best things to do in Germany?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.

1. Visit Berchtesgaden National Park, Munich

It’s hard not to fall in love with Germany if one of the first things you head out to one of its marvelous national parks.

This country sure knows how to take care of its natural beauty – and the Berchtesgaden National Park is here to prove it very well, with its breathtaking alpine range and no less than 700 species of butterflies roaming free through the wilderness of this fantastic destination.

The Berchtesgaden National Park is a true natural haven perfect for hiking and cycling. The best point to start your trip to this national park is from Munich, by following a combination of railway trains and buses.

The park is also associated with a series of exhibitions that can be visited from 9 am to 5 pm every day and tickets range around 5 Euros. Definitely worth stopping by, especially if you are visiting with children.

2. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich

This is not just one of the most famous castles in Germany – it is literally one of the most famous ones in the world. In fact, it is so famous that when you think of a princess palace, this is what you might imagine. How so?

Well, Neuschwanstein Castle is the main inspiration behind Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. We promise, though: it looks a thousand times more impressive in real life! It was built in 1869 and rising at 65 meters in height, this castle is a dream come true!

You can visit it every day from 9 am to 6 pm, by taking the Bavarian train from Munich. The price to see this splendid castle is a meager 2.5 Euros for individuals and small groups, so it is more than affordable to see it up close.

Do keep in mind, though: tickets can only be reserved online, but you will have to buy them on the spot!

3. Visit the Berlin Wall

This is the perfect symbol associated with Germany’s history in the second half of the 20th century. But even more than that, the Berlin Wall (and more specifically, its fall) is a symbol of the communist era, of how Europe was split in two after World War II.

Obviously, there is a very long list of attractions you should visit in Berlin, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Germany. But the Berlin Wall is the kind of thing you should not miss out – we promise its story will touch you and that you will keep its memory alive for a very long time from now on!

4. Visit the Eltz Castle

In case you didn’t know it, Germany abounds with fantastic castles – and aside from the one that inspired Disney in their creation of Sleeping Beauty, there are many, many others you should definitely visit if you get the chance.

The Eltz Castle is located in Rhineland-Palatinate, at 56294 Wierschem, and it has been dubbed one of the most beautiful German (and European) castles ever. Obviously, people had all the reasons in the world to call it this – the place is simply fantastic.

Its 15th-century lavatories, its fairy-tale worthy surroundings, and architecture and the energy this place sends out are all unforgettable and nothing less!

Guided tours are available every day from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (which is when the last guided tour will start). More than 850 years of history will embrace you with their full power and grace – an experience you will always cherish, no matter what!

5. Oktoberfest

Perhaps the largest celebration of beer in the world, Oktoberfest usually starts at the end of September and goes on throughout October. A celebration filled with music, one-liter pints of beer, traditional costumes and overall joy – the kind of festival you can simply enjoy, really!

There are multiple accommodation options at Oktoberfest, from multi-starred hotels to tents organized by the festival planners themselves. You can also find a variety of street food options here, all of which will give you a taste of German food – definitely worth trying at least the absolute staples!

6. Visit The Cologne Cathedral

Rising from an otherwise modern and cosmopolitan city, the Koln Cathedral (by its German name, and Cologne by its Latin name) is a splendid marvel of architecture. Its gothic aspect will amaze you from the very first second you lay eyes on it – and with more than 800 years of history behind it, this building is bound to take your breath away with every ounce of energy it holds within its walls.

The cathedral can be visited every day from 6 am to 9 pm during spring and summer and from 6 am to 7:30 pm during the winter months. If you want to climb the tower of the cathedral, the price of one ticket will be no more than 3 Euros – and you can do it every day from 9 am to 4-6 pm (depending on the time of the year).

It will be worth every penny, as this construction dominates the entire skyline of Koln and the view of the entire city is something you will absolutely fall in love with!

7. Visit the Old Town of Regensburg

Nothing can be as special as a classic German town – and the Old Town of Regensburg seems to call for tales of lore torn out of the Middle Ages. There’s something truly unique about this place and the energy it emanates – something bound to steal your heart forever!

The town was founded in 179 A.D. and while it might be a lot more modern these days, it still maintains a special vibe that is absolutely charming in its own way.

This is the epitome of German romanticism in the way every single inch of the town is built, colored, and brought together to create an ensemble that’s pleasant for the eye and soothing for the soul!

Germany has so many amazing places to visit and so many exciting things for you to see that it would be a real pity to take a trip through Europe and completely skip this country. Even if you cannot get to all the attractions mentioned in this article, we guarantee you will not be disappointed by everything Germany offers.

From vibrant cities to awe-inspiring nature, there’s nothing Germany can ever do wrong – it is a country so versatile, with so many unique attractions that you will definitely want to come back again and again and again!

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