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Best Time to Visit Greece in 2024

Considered to be Western civilization’s cradle, Greece has been the birthplace of western philosophy, literature, drama, and a significant part of science and mathematics. The hotels in Greece reduce their prices during some months of the year, like March, April, May, and October as well as November so this may be a little beneficial to your budget.

Greece Travel Seasons

The cost of visiting Greece is high, so you can’t choose on a whim. So, here you need to plan according to the seasons. We suggest you do proper planning and research before planning your trip. So before you pack your bags, it is essential to know the right time to visit this historical country.

High season(Late June- Early September)

To experience the most refreshing and memorable trip to Greece, you must plan it in high season. The weather remains pleasant and welcoming. It is the perfect time to spend hours outside without getting exhausted. Also, note that August is the peak season when many tourists visit here. If you plan to visit Greece in peak season, you should be ready to explore a much more crowded and vibrant place when everything prices rise.

Shoulder season (Mid April to Early June and September – October)

It is the time when Greece gets radically mesmerizing. The seas are getting more pristine and tranquil, with sandy, serene beaches and mesmerizing roads. You will also get a fantastic opportunity to enjoy your trip at a reasonable rate during this period. The weather remains soothing, and even you can avail of suitable hotel accommodation even if you go for a last-minute booking. It is the best time to go to Greece.

Low season in Greece (Mid October to Mid April)

If you want to visit Greece but the cost factor is not within your budget, then the low season is the best time to travel to Greece. You can book expensive hotels, even at a much lesser rate. Also,  if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy some intimate moments with your partner or family, winter is the ideal month.

Temperature And Festivals Of Greece (Month By Month)


January is a cold month, yet at times it is mild even as the temperature fluctuates around 10°C. It may go as high as 13°C and as low as C during this month. Carry quite a few layers if you plan to visit Greece in January.

The first day of the year is a National holiday when both New Year’s Day and Saint Basil’s Day are celebrated in Greece. There are many festivals that are celebrated during this month like Ragoutsaria Festival, Patras Carnival, Theophania/ Epiphany.


Even this is a cold month of the year. Temperature is mostly at 10°C, and it may rise to 13°C or else go down to 7°C

Festivals that are celebrated in February are Apokries or Carnival, Athens International Dancing Festival, and Tango Lovers Festival.


The temperature starts increasing from March onwards. The average temperature is 12°C, and that can rise to 16°C or may reduce to 8 °C.

In March, Independence Day and the Feast of the Annunciation are celebrated together on the 25th of the month. During this time, streets get filled with all kinds of festivities and parades.


During the time, the temperature is mostly around 15°C The temperature may go down to 11°C and may increase to 19°C; Days are mostly sunny with lesser rainfall. 

Some of the most prominent festivals of the season are Athens International Film and Video Festival, International Conference on Event Tourism, Corfu Beach Festival. The International film and video Festival brings about 250 films and videos from around the world. The feast of Saint George, a rural celebration also takes place on April 23rd every year. 


Temperature is around 15°C during this time which may rise to 24°C and may go down to 15°C. Sunny days symbolize this month mostly.

Some most important festivals of the season are the Feast of the Flowers and Salsa Spring Festival. The Salsa Spring Festival brings some of the best dance trainers and artists worldwide. The Athens Jazz festival takes place in the city of Athens, considered one of the best festivals of its type in Europe.


Mostly temperature fluctuates around 24°Cthat may go up to 28°C and go down to 20°C during this time.

In June, Athens and Epidaurus Festival takes place, which is the biggest summer festival of the year. European music day, a National event celebrated in around 50 cities across Greece for five consecutive days beginning from June 21st.


It is a warm-season when the temperature fluctuates around 27 °C. It may go up to 32°C and may go down to 22°C.

Some of the prominent festivals of July are the Sani festival, the Philippi festival, and the Hippocratia festival. Also, The annual Puppet festival takes place in Hydra that brings puppeteers from around the world.


It is the ideal time to enjoy the clear blue sky and abundant sunshine. Temperature is around 27°C and may increase to 31 C, especially in the afternoon hours.

One of the most awaited festivals this month is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on August 15th. Other festivals of this month are the Houdetsi music festival, the International music festival of Aegina and the Olympus Festival.


Temperature revolves around 24°C and may go up to 28°C and go down to 19°C. Sunlight is abundant with a lesser chance of rainfall during this month.

Crucial celebrations of the season are Athens Coffee Festival, Taste of Athens, and Festival of Theologos. Also, the International music festival of Santorini takes place in the heart of Fira village.


The temperature in October is mostly around 19°C which may go as high as 23°C and as low as 15°C.

The Chestnut Festival is celebrated yearly in the village of Elos. The Dimitri’s festival, Thessaloniki, takes place on October 26th every year, which features ballet, music, and Opera.


The weather becomes quite fresh and pleasant by November. The average temperature is around 15°C at this time with the maximum temperature being 18°C and lower temperatures being 12°C.

 Some vibrant celebrations of this month are Animation Marathon, Hot Rockin Festival and Art ThessalonikiInternational Art Fair.


It is the time when the temperature goes down a bit more, and it becomes around 12°C. The lower temperature is 9 degrees, and a higher temperature is 14°C.

December is the season of celebration, and so many festivals are celebrated during this time, including Wild West Festival, Max Cooper, Wild West Xmas Festival, and many more.

Best time for sightseeing

If you are planning to enjoy sightseeing in Greece to the fullest, plan the visit during the shoulder season, ie. Summer (April to the middle of June) and autumn( September to the Middle of October). It is the best time of the year to visit Greece as the temperature will favor you.

 You can explore all the places of attraction without getting tired so quickly. Moreover, the crowd is thin during that phase. So ideal from every aspect and is the best time to plan your sightseeing once you are in Greece.

Best time to save money

Often traveling to Greece during peak seasons may prove to be an expensive affair for you and you get concerned if you can afford the trip. In such a scenario, the best time to travel to Greece for you will be in the low season. Off-season in Greece is ideally between December to March. 

Also, you can enjoy an affordable trip if you plan it in the shoulder season, which comes in April, May, October, and November. It is the time when you can get the privilege of staying in the best hotels, even at a reasonable rate.

 It is the perfect time when you can save a part of your money as you get food, drink, and transportation at a reasonable price. 

Best time to avoid crowds

As already specified, if you want to enjoy the tour entirely, you need to pay a visit in winter. You will get the hotels at a discounted rate. It is when you can enjoy the travel peacefully and there will be a much lesser crowd. So, you can explore the place well with your family at a rate that is indeed incredible.

Greece attracts tourists from all over the world. Tourism in Greece is considered a key element and one of the country’s major sectors. The country consists of several islands, and beaches and has a long coastline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest time to visit Greece?

September to November are the cheapest month to visit Greece. The temperatures average about 59°F (15°C) with highs of 64°F (18°C ) and lows of 54°F (12°C).

What is the rainy season in Greece?

November and December are the peak raining seasons in Greece. Raining season starts from September and lasts until June.

What are the hottest months in Greece?

July and August are the hottest months in Greece averaging temperature between 32 °C to 36 °C.

Can you swim in Greece in October?

October is a month in the autumn season so you can easily swim in this month.

How many days in Greece is enough?

Greece has so many awesome cities to visit so make a good plan of 10-15 days if you want to explore every popular city in Greece and have a good time.

Is 7 days enough time in Greece?

No. 7 days can be very tight to explore all places in Greece. Make a good plan of 10-15 days and explore it fully.

Is Greece expensive to visit?

Greece is one of the budget friendly European destination to visit. Most of the people go to honeymoon in Santorini and have a good time there.

Which Greek island is the cheapest?

Greece has so many beautiful islands to visit. The difference might be very small when you compare to each other, and we believe that asking this question would make your travel experience not so enjoyable.

Which is the most luxurious Greek island?

Santorini is the most luxurious Island in Greece as this is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. People from all across the globe fly to this destination to have good time with their soulmates.

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