Easiest Countries to Immigrate to

7 Easiest Countries to Immigrate to For a Better Lifestyle in 2024

Starting a new life in a different country is easier than ever. It also depends on what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to find a job in a new country or are going to start a new business, whether you want to start life all over again or just want a change of pace, immigration has become easy and quick.

With a lot of patience, a little cash and a truckload of confidence, you are set to embark on a new adventure in a different environment. You can make a living anywhere as long as you have a roof on your head.

So, what countries are easy to migrate to? Since you are looking for a better lifestyle, here are the options for your next big move.

#1. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a global center for trade and commerce. It is known for the tallest building in the world and the largest mall on the planet. UAE attracts about 20 million visitors every year.

The country ranks 11th on the World Bank’s business index on ease of doing business and it has turned into a magnet for the super-rich who are looking for a better lifestyle and security.

Expatriates make up for 89% of the total population. Finding work across UAE is easy with the economy has returned to the growth in countdown to Expo 2020.

There are 277,000 new jobs which will be created at the fair and it will attract about 25 million tourists. UAE is one of the easiest countries to migrate to. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Dubai can rent for about AED 6,200.

#2. Qatar

If you have an urge to move to one of the richest countries in the world, Qatar is the place to be. Qatar has an average per capita income of QAR 490,000 and it offers a better standard of living to expats.

The nation is ready to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and there are a number of projects underway for the same. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center can rent for QAR 4,615 monthly. There are jobs available in various sectors in Qatar which makes it easy to migrate to.

#3. Singapore

Singapore has become popular with expats for its political stability, strong economy and a very friendly society. The main languages include English and Chinese. This is why it appeals to Chinese and Western expats.

Expats make up for about one-quarter of the total 5.6 million residents in Singapore. Healthcare, finance, technology, and manufacturing are the top industries in Singapore.

If you want to make a living in Singapore, you will have to look for a job that pays more than SGD 3,300 or qualify for the EntrePass entrepreneur visas. After you have got the job, you can apply for permanent residency and in two years, you can become eligible for citizenship. An apartment in the center of the city can rent for about SGD 1,745 per month.

#4. Thailand

If you are someone who wants to immerse in the culture of a new country, Thailand is an ideal place to be. It has excellent street food, beach parties, and endless massages.

Thailand is indeed a very exciting place to live in. It is a developing country which is why it remains easily affordable than other countries. An apartment in the middle of the city will cost you THB 40,500 in a month.

Thailand has an Elite Easy Access visa which will give you a multi-year five year, renewable residence visa for a one time fee of THB 500,000. Thailand is one of the easiest countries to migrate to.

It also has a visa aimed at super-rich individuals. It comes with a spa, shopping discounts, golf, and other privileges. However, this visa will not give you a permit to work.

If you are looking for a job, you will have to apply for a non-immigrant ‘B’ visa which costs THB 5,000 for a year. When you reside in the country for a period of five years and show proof of income, you can get a Thai passport after renouncing your nationality.

#5. Argentina

This South American country has a good standard of living. It is a large country with a small population and is one of the top countries to immigrate to. In order to settle here, you only need to show that you have a guaranteed monthly income of $850.

The population density is about 15 people per square kilometer and it has a wide variety of climate. If you want to obtain citizenship in Argentina, you need to live there for at least two years and submit the necessary documents to the Immigration office.

#6. Brazil

Brazil is a country known for its high human development index and a very rich culture. It is the largest country in South America in terms of population and mass.

Right from the Amazon rainforest to the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has a lot to offer. It is very kind and accommodating to visitors. Hence, if you plan to settle here, you have to be retired with a monthly pension of $2000.

You are allowed to take two dependents with you. For each dependent, you will require an additional $1000 each month.

In order to obtain residency in Brazil, you need to invest in about $126,000 in a Brazilian company or real estate. Apart from that, if you have lived in Brazil for fifteen years, you can apply for citizenship.

This time period can be reduced to four years if you have an understanding of Portuguese and a job that pays well.

#7. Mexico

If you love tacos for every meal, Mexico is the place you should head to. It has a high quality of life, vibrant culture and a strong healthcare system. It is home to 1.2 million expats.

Mexico has different visas and permits available for those looking to move. It offers a visa-free visit for 180 days to Americans, Western Europeans and citizens from parts of Latin America. Others need to apply for a visa for MX$322.

In order to work for a Mexican company, you need a $155 work permit. If you want to stay for more than six months, you can get a temporary permit of four years. This is subject to the bank balance requirement and it will not allow you to work. You need to apply for residence visas before you enter.

Mexican passport is the 17th most powerful passport in the world with a visa-free travel to 145 countries. It needs five years of residency before the application date. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you MX$24,207 per month.

These seven countries welcome expats for work and residency. However, before you decide to move to a new country, you need to understand the rules and regulations with regard to employment, business and residency.

Different countries have different rules, and it helps to get detailed information before making a move.

These countries will not make you feel like an outsider and will give you a better quality of life, healthcare, and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest and easiest country to immigrate to?

Vietnam, Mexico, and Thailand are some of the cheapest options to migrate.

Which country gives free permanent residency easily?

Canada is at the top list right now where you can get permanent residency by studying here for 2 years or by working in any government-approved company.

Which country is best to settle in permanently?

Canada being close to the USA and having most of the people speaking English is the top most destination in the world to settle right now.

Which country gives free citizenship?

Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Ireland, Peru, Singapore, Portugal, and Malta are some of the countries giving free citizenship.

Which country gives the fastest citizenship?

St Kitts and Nevis is giving the fastest citizenship right now. If you apply for citizenship, St Kitts authorities will conduct their due diligence checks and make a decision within 3-4 months.

What is the strongest passport in the world?

The passport of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently considered the most powerful in the world, as it allows its holders to travel to 180 countries without the need for a visa or with the ability to obtain a visa on arrival.

Which countries are best for unskilled immigrants?


Which country needs immigrants in 2024?

Canada needs 1.5 million immigrants by 2025.

Which country pays a high salary for unskilled workers?

Australia. As of 2021, the national minimum wage in Australia is $19.84 per hour or $753.80 per week for a full-time worker.

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