15 Best Cities to Visit in the USA in 2023


Progressive and modern Seattle is located on the shores of the Pacific Bay. Seattle is surrounded by forests, mountains, and ocean waters from different sides.

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Chicago, or the Windy City, is considered one of the largest cities in the United States. Chicago has the longest street, Western Avenue. The city lies on the shores of the beautiful Lake Michigan

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The city architecture is represented by modern high-rise buildings and objects built in the Greek and Victorian styles. A large number of churches are located here.

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San Francisco

Luxurious sandy beaches, fashionable restaurants, and a huge number of attractions – this is the sunny city of San Francisco. It would be strange not to visit this city during a trip to the USA.

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The capital of Massachusetts annually receives about 16 million tourists from around the world. The famous Harvard University, the oldest in the United States, is located in the Boston area of Cambridge.

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Los Angeles

The sunny City of Angels enchants and beckons. A metropolis located on the Pacific coast. Beach lovers will be delighted with Malibu with its turquoise warm water and endless sandy beaches.

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Las Vegas

Shining Las Vegas is best known for its casinos and vibrant nightlife. Hotels, casinos, and entertainment centers located mainly on the Strip are the main attractions of Sin City

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The majestic capital of America attracts with its legendary monuments, high-rise buildings, and fantastic government buildings.

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A large metropolis is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Come here to sunbathe on the golden beach, swim in the warm ocean, go surfing, and go sailing

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New York City

An excellent city with the tallest buildings and the most delicious pizza in the USA. You should definitely visit New York. Walk around Manhattan. 

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A small but fascinating city surrounded by dormant volcanoes, divided into two parts by the Willamette River. Mill Ends is the smallest park in the world in Portland

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San Diego

This city best embodies the Californian style. Beaches, surfing, and great weather are like on a postcard. A large metropolis is ready to amuse every guest.

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New Orleans

You will hear jazz on the streets of New Orleans. The city is located on both banks of the Mississippi River. You should come to the French Carnival. You will see fantastically decorated streets, snow-white villas, and many flowers

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Santa Fe

It attracts not with skyscrapers and cutting-edge facilities, but with amazing natural landscapes. You can climb the mountain or take a fascinating walk through the dense forest.

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Whiskey, blues, and country are what best characterizes this city. It is here that there are a large number of excellent bars and cafes

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